The Punishers Home Season Closer

Saturday, September 26, 2015, the Prairieland Punishers hosted our last home bout double header of the season against the DuPage Derby Dames. The first bout featured the Prairieland Punishers Backlash (and fosters from McLean Missfits and Midstate Mayhem) against the DuPage Derby Dames Onslaught. From the whistle, it was evident that the bout would be physical. The Onslaught quickly took the lead early the first half and kept it rolling into half time. At half time, the score was Backlash – 54 to Onslaught – 90. By the second half, the Backlash and friends began to come together in meeting the force of the Onslaught. With a few changes, the Punishers were able to cut the Onslaught lead. In the end, the Onslaught took the win: 141 – 185.

MVJ: Davis
MVB: Kat Von Deviant

In the second bout of the home season closer, the Prairieland Punishers All-Stars took on the DuPage Derby Dames Uproar. Physical game play continued in the second bout with big hits from blockers and jammers alike. Both teams grew tired from the physical demands of the bout, which lead to the Uproar increasing their lead. When the first half ended, the Uproar was leading 46 to 114. The All-Stars rallied during the second half, but it was not enough to decrease the lead that the Uproar had built. Penalty trouble also caused the All-Stars trouble with two blockers fouling out, which the Uproar took advantage of to build their lead. After an official review by the Uproar at the end of the second half, the final score was All-Stars 129 and Uproar 230.

MVJ: Davis

The Prairieland Punishers were able to donate $600 to Dove, which brings the yearly donation total to $6,300! We would like to thank our fans and volunteers who made this possible. Next season shows to be promising – we are going to work hard during the off season to improve and gear up for 2016.