The #proudtobeapunisher PROJECT is 10 part series of mini-articles written by Punisher skaters, past and present. It’s about all things derby: on and off the track.

Part 1: “10 Things Skaters Secretly Love About Roller Derby” by Hotmess Holland & Bambi Bloodlust

Part 2: “Power Lifting for Ass Kicking” by Bebe

Part 3: “3 Tips for an Expanding League” by Improper Fracture

Part 4: “6 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand” by Bambi Bloodlust

Part 5: “The Ideal Marketing Committee…according to Hotmess Holland” by Hotmess Holland

Part 6: “Fueling Your Body for Performance” by Kelly, J. Johnson, & Jackers

Part 7: “6 Things Every Vet Knows, and Every Fresh Meat NEEDS to Know” by Meek & Erin Pipe Down

Part 8: From skater to roller derby ATHLETE” by Jackers

Part 9: “Bout Proof Makeup” by Hotmess Holland & Bambi Bloodlust

Part 10: 10 Things about Being on a Derby Board You May Not Know