The #proudtobeapunisher PROJECT is 10 part series of mini-articles written by our skaters. It’s about all things derby: on and off the track.

January 8th: “10 Things Skaters Secretly Love About Roller Derby” by Hotmess Holland & Bambi Bloodlust

January 22nd: “Power Lifting for Ass Kicking” by Bebe

February 5th: “3 Tips for an Expanding League” by Improper Fracture

February 19th “6 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand” by Bambi Bloodlust

March 5th “The Ideal Marketing Committee…according to Hotmess Holland” by Hotmess Holland

March 19th “Fueling Your Body for Performance” by Kelly, J. Johnson, & Jackers

April 2nd “6 Things Every Vet Knows, and Every Fresh Meat NEEDS to Know” by Meek & Erin Pipe Down

April 16th From skater to roller derby ATHLETE” by Jackers

April 30th “Bout Proof Makeup” by Hotmess Holland & Bambi Bloodlust

June 12th 10 Things about Being on a Derby Board You May Not Know