Fueling Your Body for Performance

Fueling Your Body for Performance

As an athlete, the food you put in your body can either fuel you up or bog you down. These 3 Punishers have been playing roller derby for 5 years and learned what food fuels them for maximum performance.

J. Johnson, captain of the Prairieland Punishers, has a gluten restriction in her diet. She has to find food that fuels, without making her sick.


Practice day fuel: Water all day! Protein shake, nuts, and a banana 30 minutes before practice.


Bout day meal: Gluten free pancakes, gluten free tater tots with cheese, bacon, farm eggs…and ALL the water!


Jackers has drastically overhauled her diet since starting roller derby in 2010, including going vegetarian, helping her lose 50 pounds. She has to get creative to make sure her diet includes enough protein. Some of her go-to foods include eggs, avocado, bananas, almonds, oatmeal and peanut butter. Jackers also uses protein shakes to round out her balanced diet and fill the gaps created by removing meat.



Kelly has no dietary restrictions, so for her it’s all about balance. Rather than giving in to the temptation of bacon for breakfast and wings for dinner too often, she tries to eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and focuses on lean proteins and whole grains as part of her regular diet. Leading up to bout day, Kelly tries to eat healthy and drink less beer, and is always sure to have a delicious bout day breakfast to fuel her blocking game.


While their pre-derby food might look nutritious and delicious, don’t be shocked to see them enjoying a slice of pizza or a frosty beverage at the after party!




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