10 Things About Being on a Derby Board You May Not Know

10 Things About Being on a Derby Board You May Not Know
Being on a BOD is a lot of work, but well worth it! Do you agree with our top 10 list?


1. It’s a lot of work – The board is the business side of the league – that means tough, thoughtful decisions, extra monthly meetings, and daily communication.

2. But, it’s also fun and games – Let’s keep it real though – our board meetings are often at a restaurant or at each other’s houses. It’s quite possible we have our best ideas when there is food present. (Oh, and doggies!!).

3. It’s about putting your personal preferences aside – Being on the board doesn’t mean you get things your way. It means seeing things from a different perspective and thinking outside of the box. It means always looking at things from the league standpoint, not necessarily your own.

4. It’s rewarding – Seeing the league flourish is an amazing feeling! League success from decisions made by the board adds fuel to our derby fire. (Anyone up for S’mores?)

5. Did we mention it’s a lot of work? – I don’t remember because I had to stop writing this list to answer an email from another board member.

6. You form a bond with other board members – We listen to each other and we know how to compromise. We have respect for each other and know that there are 4 women we can always count on.

7. Sometimes you feel like you “Got Punished” – Sometimes board decisions aren’t accepted with enthusiasm, sometimes feelings get hurt and you are not popular. But, you remember why you were voted in to the position – people trust you to do what is right for the current and future state of the league.

8. Election time makes you question your position –Total honesty here; more time for yourself sounds amazing. Then, you quickly realize that you have invested too much time to step down, so you are back on the campaign trail to continue your term so you can keep working on your “to do” list. (Everyone has those, right??)

9. A simple thank you from league-mates who are not on the board carries a lot of weight– We certainly don’t sit on the board for recognition but when we get it, it makes our day. This work is hard but it is really rewarding, kudos from league-mates is like icing on the cake. Chocolate icing on chocolate cake! (With sprinkles!)

10. We are #proudtobeapunisher – Being on the board is a very high honor that we don’t take lightly.  We are proud to have the trust of our teammates to do what is best for the league.  (We may or may not all have matching Punisher Board tattoos!)

A great board cannot exist without its’ teammates. Each individual league member contributes something different. At the end of the day, a good board uses these individual contributions to make decisions for the league’s future. We truly appreciate the trust and support from the league members and are proud to be a part of this Prairieland Punisher derby family.

Derby love,

Suzanne Johnson – President
Bredina Coale- Vice President
Amanda Parrott- Treasurer
Jesi Johnson- Secretary
Kristen Mosser- Human Resources