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About the

PPRD Full Color Logo with skull in shield - blue halo background
Roller Derby players in action - black and white photo
Photo: John Kilhoffer

The mission of the Prairieland Punishers is to provide an opportunity for women to learn, compete, and promote women’s flat track roller derby in Central Illinois.


This women’s athletic team is focused on promoting health, wellness, fitness, training, competition self-growth, community outreach, and sisterhood. We place a high value on personal character, community involvement, and dedication to our sport.


The Prairieland Punishers does not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, political background, or personal views. The Prairieland Punishers league is committed to inclusive and anti-discrimination practices in relation to all transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants, and aims to ensure that all skaters’, volunteers’, and employees’ rights are respected and protected.

PPRD Bout Poster 8324 (8.5x11)
September 21st Home Bout
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