Punishers Capture Second Win on the Road April 13

By Coach Codean Sweet Tea

The Prairieland Punishers All-Stars (ranked #244 globally) were on the road again on April 13, traveling to Indianapolis, IN to take on Naptown Roller Derby’s C Team, the Third Alarm. Saturday’s game saw the addition of veteran blocker Bella Belligerent to the roster, and it was also her birthday!

The match-up started with jammer Jessica Rabbid wearing the star for the All-Stars, earning lead jammer quickly, and picking up 3 points for the Punishers. This helped set the tone for the game, as the Punishers picked up lead jammer status in 8 of the first 10 jams. With a massive 15-point jam by Rabbit Kix in her first rotation, the Punishers quickly positioned themselves for the win early on and didn’t let up until halftime, ending the first half with a 51 point lead over the Third Alarm.

Due to an injury to Malibruiser Barbie early in the second half, All-Stars relief jammer Violet Vendetta was added to the primary rotation for the remainder of the game.

The second half saw an increase in offense from the All-Stars, with blockers Hare Razor, Wildkat, Cutya, Emme Mortal, Cinister, Hammer, Jamie Lee Cutthroat, Bella Belligerent, and Tragedy Anne focusing on helping the Punishers jammers get through quicker and pick up more multi-pass jams. This quick offense led to back-to-back 12-point jams by Vendetta and Rabbid, as Rabbit Kix quickly followed with a 16-point jam of her own just minutes later. This increase in double-digit jams continued throughout the second half, with a massive 20-point jam by Jessica Rabbid to finish out the game.

When the dust settled, the Punishers had almost tripled their 1st half score, ending with 213 points while keeping the Third Alarm to just 62 points. After the game, Most Valuable Blocker was awarded to Bella Belligerent and most valuable jammer was Jessica Rabbid.

This dominant 151-point win coupled with their 204-point win over St Chux Derby Chix two weeks ago has boosted the All-Stars’ morale and given them a great deal of momentum heading into their first home game, where they’ll be taking on the South Shore Roller Girls from Hammond, IN. The first home game will be on April 27th at the Decatur Civic Center!