May 9th Bout Recap

The double header started off with the Backlash taking on the Outfit Shakedown. The first half, both teams were working hard defensively to keep the points low. The Backlash were able to get lead jammer on several occasions, which gave the team an early lead. Even though the Shakedown was behind, they kept it close. During the second half, the Shakedown came out strong and took the lead, which they kept the rest of the bout. Final score: Backlash – 171, Shakedown – 239.

MVB: Blonder Woman
MVJ: Sinnamon Slam

The second bout featured the Punisher All-Stars taking on the Outfit Shade Brigade. Both teams were pumped up, ready to go. This was shown through the back and forth lead changes that happened frequently through out the bout. Great offensive allowed defensive walls to crumble and jammers to get through. It was during the last five minutes of the bout where the Shade Brigade began to take a lead and keep it. The Punisher All-Stars put up a great fight, but closed the bout just shy of a win. Final score: All-Stars – 139, Shade Brigade – 175.

MVB: Kelly
MVJ: Bambi Bloodlust

The Punishers are sad to lose two great players – Sinnamon Slam and Blonder Woman. Both women are moving away so this was their last bout as a Punisher – best of luck, ladies!

$1,000 was donated to Growing Strong, bringing the total of $21,000 donated by the Punishers to local community groups. #proudtobeapunisher