Non-Skating Official/Volunteer Descriptions of Positions
Inside Penalty Tracker
  • Writes major penalties that skaters receive during the bout on penalty tracker sheet.
  • Must pay attention to inside penalty referee who tells you what type of penalty and which skater receives a penalty.
  • Writes each jam’s score on scorekeeping sheet.
  • One scorekeeper must relay each jam’s score to the scoreboard operator.
  • Must pay attention to jam referee to get score of each jam.
Penalty Box Timer
  • Times skaters’ penalties when they sit in box.
Jam Clock Timer
  • Blows whistle to signal the start and end of each jam.
Scoreboard Operator
  • Uses computer program to time the period, jam, and 30 seconds between jams.
  • Inputs each team’s jam score from the scorekeeper.
Inside Stat Board
  • Indicates on large dry-erase board which skaters have penalties and what they are for.
Line-up Tracker
  • For each jam, writes players’ numbers and indicates if a player entered the penalty box in the middle of a jam or started a jam in the penalty box.
  • Announces both teams at bout, provides commentary of action during bout, promotes merchandise and attending after bout party.
  • Takes professional pictures at home bouts.
  • Records video of home bouts.
EMT/Medical Assistance
  • Provides medical assistance to hurt skaters during the bout.
  • Patrols venue.
  • Checks that all patrons entering have payed admission.
  • Helps with clean up of venue.
Venue clean up
  • Stays 30 minutes after bout to help team pack up merchandise, pick up track, empty coolers, take down banners, and load cars with items.
  • This is to aid skaters get to the fan tables to sign merchandise and programs for the fans.