2016 Home Season Opener

On March 19, 2016, the Prairieland Punishers hosted a double header where a portion of the proceeds were donated to Dove. The first part of the double header was a mixer where ladies of local roller derby leagues came together to form two teams – the Honey Badgers and the Angry Beavers. The Honey Badgers were composed mostly of Prairieland Punishers Backlash players with a few ladies from other leagues. This bout started off with the Honey Badgers taking an early lead, which was held throughout the bout. At half time, the Honey Badgers led 116 to 74. During the second half, the Angry Beavers put together some great jams while the Honey Badgers were in penalty trouble. In the end, this push was not enough so the Honey Badgers took the win over the Angry Beavers with the score of 204 to 156.

Honey Badgers MVJ: Hair Razor
Honey Badgers MVB: Improper Fracture

In the Main Event the Prairieland Punishers All-Stars took on the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls. As the first sanctioned bout of the season, the All-Stars came into the bout with new strategy and game play. From the start, it was obvious that the All-Stars new approach was very effective. The offense and defense of the blockers plus the agility and power of the jammers created an early lead. By the half, the Punisher All-Stars were leading with the score of 150 to 42. The second half looked very similar to the first where the All-Stars continued using the plays that proved effective in the first half. Though each team had its share of penalty trouble, the All-Stars managed to keep and increase the lead as the second half drew to a close. In the end, the All-Stars could not be stopped – they won with the final score of 271 to 83.

MVJ: Bambi Bloodlust
MVB: Funky Cold Bredina

The Prairieland Punishers would like to say a special thank you to their very own Bambi Bloodlust because it was her last home bout as a Punisher. Bambi has been a crucial member of the league for over four years. We wish her the best of luck with her future endeavors. The Punishers would also like to thank the sponsors, volunteers, and fans who made the first home bout of the 2016 a huge success.

Punish who? PUNISH THEM!!!