10 Things Skaters Secretly Love About Roller Derby


Badge 1 1. Killing your high school stereotype.
Okay, so you may have been the choir nerd, art geek, band geek, or mathlete, but little did your peers know there was a derby girl inside waiting to bust out! You know all your old classmates are creeping on your kick ass derby photos. Too bad there wasn’t a team at your local high school…
Badge2 2. Conquering the fresh meat stage.
Some of you may still be in this stage, but getting past it is one of the best feelings ever. Who knew how much Epsom salt, ibuprofen, foam rollers, and Bengay could help your beaten body…Walgreens sponsorship anyone?
Badge3 3. Meeting the best people you never knew.
Let’s be honest on this one, over half of your roller derby team is made up of girls you never would’ve imagined being friends with. But roller derby has brought you together and there is no turning back.
Badge4 4. You swore you’d never end up in a sorority…. and you kind of did.
You fight like sisters, create memories like best friends, and accomplish more together as a team than you ever could alone.
Badge5 5. Your body images’ best friend.
NEVER have you been more proud of your thunder thighs, big butt, and fullback sized calves. Roller derby gives you a purpose for what your mama gave ya.
Badge6 6. The roar of the crowd.
There is nothing more exhilarating than hearing your home team cheer for that great hit you just landed on the jammer or jumping that apex. You know you’re a rock star, but sometimes it’s nice to have that affirmation.
Badge7 7. The athleticism.
You hit a point in your derby career where you want to take things more seriously. You start hitting the gym and cross-training not to look good, but to feel strong and help your teammates as much as you can on the track.
Badge8 8. That one time you got noticed at the grocery store…
You may not be Taylor Swift, but somebody noticed a local celeb and that makes you giddy with pride. I hope my hair looked good for that paparazzi Snapchat!
Badge9 9. Like sands of the hourglass… so are the days of our lives.
No one really knows how long their derby career will be, but there is beauty in that. You want to put your all in the sport while you’re in it, and sometimes that means putting your other dreams on hold. That is a sacrifice you’re willing to make for your wonderful derby now.
Badge10 10. You become an inspiration…
To the little kids purchasing your player card, asking for your autograph, and to the precious little girl that says she wants to be a roller skater just like you. I need a tissue.

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Hotmess Holland
Author, Photographer: Hotmess Holland
Bambi Bloodlust
Illustrator: Bambi Bloodlust